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The British Society for Clinical Psychophysiology (BSCP) was founded by Steven T. Richards and Pauline Richards in 1990 in response to the anti-medical stance of prominent from Psychotherapy institutions. The BSCP was included (alongside the UKCP and BACP) by the department of health in the consultation process for Statuary Regulation of the profession of Psychotherapy and Psychological Therapies in the UK.

The BSCP was developed to be equal to the two main associations the UKCP and BCAP in term of standards required from its members in terms of core psychotherapy knowledge and skills, supervised practise and personal development. Alongside additionally requiring a level of training and competence in integrated bio-medical sciences at least comparable with those professions represented by the Health Professions Council. Membership of the BSCP demonstrates an individual is a highly qualified and competent psychotherapy practitioner with a good understanding of the bio-sciences underpinning their practice.

The BSCP stands for the British Society for Clinical Psychophysiology and is the accreditation provider, professional register and insurance provider for Clinical Psychophysiology ensuring informed best practice from its members. The society fosters the use of classical Psychotherapeutic approaches within, where possible, a science-lead (or informed) context in ethics, diagnosis, treatment and appraisal.

The society strives to genuine medical-holism, understanding that psychological health is affected and informed by many higher and lower constructs (biological, environmental familial, societal etc) and a fully informed practitioner aims to develop, where possible, an understanding of those interactions and when to engage (with patients consent) with adepts from other disciplines to enable best treatment. The integration of underpinning knowledge and skills between psychotherapy and biomedical science linked by a scientific holistic medical framework defines clinical PsychoPhysiology. The society also wishes to promote and engage with scholarly study of all aspects of Psychotherapeutic practice.

Psychotherapy courses are approved by the BSCP whose paradigm and course content are congruent with society requirements in terms of approach and standards. They require a minimum of 400 study hours of pure psychotherapy and 100 hours of clinical supervision alongside a high standard of training in appropriate bio-medicine. Students with 400 hours of psychotherapy training and 50 hours supervised practised may join as affiliated members on a temporary basis. Those students graduating approved courses upon graduation may apply to join the BSCP. Members in good standing may use designation MBSCP.

Already qualified and practising psychotherapists who graduated a full time two-year course or part time four-year course (400 hours) Psychotherapy training to a post-graduate training level with a minimum of 100 hours supervised clinical experience and whose approach and practise is congruent with the societies may apply to join and, if accepted, may use the letters MBSCP(Afil). Upon completion of designated bridging CPD courses they may become fully registered members.

The BSCP appreciates previous learning, individuals with a significant educational background in an applicable disciple (e.g. Psychology, Counselling) or experience in an applicable vocational training (E.g. those already working in medical fields, congruent alternative practitioners) may approach the society for an assessment regarding their best route to becoming fully qualified members.

All practising members must have up to date appropriate insurance through the BSCP or a separate provider and follow the BSCP’s most recent clinical practice and ethical guidelines. Members must complete a minimum of 21 hours per year society approved CPD. One third of this may be offset through generating an appropriate high-quality research paper on psychotherapy or related area for a peer reviewed journal.

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The BSCP is commited to it's mission; the development of best practice within Psychotherapy, striving for excellence. If you want to be part of a forward thinking association promoting scientific holism contact us regarding routes to membership

BSCP - British Society for Clinical Psychophysiology