The British Society for Clinical PsychoPhysiology

Established 1990 the BSCP was created as the accreditation board for practitioners of clinical Psychotherapy. Promoting best practice and scientific-holism amoungst professional Psychotherapists and Hypnotherapists.

BSCP Approved courses

If you enroll in a BSCP course you can be sure that it has been assessed to adhere to the highest professional standards for clinical Psychotherapy or Hypnotherapy. The society promotes the development of medical knowledge alongside clinical skills enabling you to interact with other medical professionals

Accreditation, Representation, Practitioner Resources and Insurance

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The BSCP is commited to it's mission; the development of best practice within Psychotherapy, striving for excellence. If you want to be part of a forward thinking association promoting scientific holism contact us regarding routes to membership

BSCP - British Society for Clinical Psychophysiology

Latest News

The BSCP is currently working on the development of a peer reviewed journal dedicated to scientific research into Psychotherapy. Contact us regarding submissions.